Allan Davidge

“I don’t think the shop would be up and running as successfully as it is without the support I received from St Helens Chamber.

“I am still fully supported by the Chamber now that the shop is up and running. The team is there to advise you at any stage.

“I would highly recommend St Helens Chamber for help with starting a business – it paid off for me!”

Allan Davidge, 51st Skate
Peter van der Boon showcasing his products and website.

“I never liked working for a boss. I always had a plan to work for myself and I’m really glad I approached St Helens Chamber.

“I am a perfectionist and in the past I have been reluctant to take the plunge and launch my business but the Chamber support really helped.”

Peter Van Der Boon
Stephen Donoghue

“The level of knowledge and professionalism from the advisers, plus their encouragement and support, really helped me at the crucial early stages.

I can’t emphasise enough my appreciation and need for this support as I feel the beginning is the hardest when you are trying to get the business off the ground."

Stephen Donoghue, Eggbox Web Design
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