Alannah and her manager Christine

“I’m earning as well as learning. Personally I didn’t want to go to university and study for three or four years as you’re not guaranteed a job at the end of it.

“Now I have a full-time job whilst also gaining qualifications to help me progress.”

Alannah Kirby, WLSS
Paige and Danny

“Taking part in the Traineeship programme improved my confidence and motivated me to get out of the house and build a career. If I hadn’t have done the course I’d still be looking for work. I’m now doing my NVQ and I hope to keep building from there.

“I was so impressed with the Starting Point service that I encouraged my boyfriend Danny to visit.”

Paige Malaney

“I was at college but I wasn’t enjoying the education side of it like the exams and A levels.

“My Apprenticeship got me financially stable at an early stage and I love what I am doing now. It’s been an added bonus getting a qualification at the same time.”

Will Fairhurst, GPW Recruitment

“The course stood out as it was something different. It offered me the chance to learn whilst in a working environment.

Even though we were there to learn we were treated like employees of the Chamber rather than kids in a classroom.”

Kieran Hackett, Resolve Energy

“ I feel like I find the practical tasks enriching and I’ve learned a lot more by being hands on than I would have done if I was learning from a book.”

Oliver Eddleston, Chalon Components

“I like how much support the Chamber gives you through the Apprenticeship. The company have supported me as well.

“Taking on this Apprenticeship has been really helpful and I have learned so much about myself and other things I didn’t know.”


Callum Hunking ,TD Construction Testing

"When you apply for jobs now, employers are looking for experience. So I’m glad I’ve done an Apprenticeship and have got that experience.”

Abi Gibson, Pali Warrington

“I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship. I didn’t think I would be able to build a website and use Adobe software, I’m learning new skills every day.”

Kieran Martin, NL Williams Group
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