Tanisha Baker Wilson

“I don’t think other girls should be put off a career in Warehousing. If it’s something you want to do then I’d say go for it because it’s really enjoyable.”

Tanisha Baker Wilson, FDL Packaging
Alannah and her manager Christine

“I’m earning as well as learning. Personally I didn’t want to go to university and study for three or four years as you’re not guaranteed a job at the end of it.

“Now I have a full-time job whilst also gaining qualifications to help me progress.”

Alannah Kirby, WLSS
Paige and Danny

“Taking part in the Traineeship programme improved my confidence and motivated me to get out of the house and build a career. If I hadn’t have done the course I’d still be looking for work. I’m now doing my NVQ and I hope to keep building from there.

“I was so impressed with the Starting Point service that I encouraged my boyfriend Danny to visit.”

Paige Malaney

"It was a great idea to come here. There's a lot more opportunity to meet the actual employers instead of just applying for the jobs online. There's a lot of courses available to get the qualifications before you enter work."

Shane Brown

"I'm so happy with how much I've learnt since coming to the Chamber. My employer was supported all the way through thanks to my training adviser"

Olivia McGilvray, Parish Primary School.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working through and learning my NQV Level 2. I feel much more confident and have learned so much from my assessor. I look forward to continuing onto my Level 3 in Health and Social care."

Mica Pullen from JAD Direct
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