Marketing Apprenticeships

**IMPORTANT NOTICE: Apprenticeships during COVID-19**
In line with Government guidance we are now offering Pre-Apprenticeship training remotely until further notice, please see here for more information and updates.
Marketing Apprenticeships are a great way of learning everything you need to know about how a business makes their product/service stand out from the crowd. While individual jobs within the field of marketing consist of varying duties, there are certain qualities and skills that anyone in marketing must possess.
Marketing Apprenticeships are varied and exciting, see how we can help you get ahead in the industry.

What does a Marketing Career entail?

As a Marketeer your creativity will be put to the test;  anyone in the marketing industry must possess a deep understanding of the way customers behave and think when it comes to shopping and having interest in products or services. Each decision made during the marketing process—from the colour and design of packaging to the wording of ads—must be based on what appeals to the target audience so you will need to be able to conjure up new and exciting ideas.
At any business, you will find that you will be a key part of the team; therefore the ability to work collaboratively is crucial, you’ll need to be able to work with other departments and take briefs whilst making key decisions to ensure deadlines are met. So Marketing Apprentices should be able to deal with colleagues at all levels and not be afraid to get their ideas across.
This career path can involve dealing with difficult situations or tight deadlines, so Marketing Apprentices should be able to keep calm under pressure, having the drive to find solutions and keep up with the latest developments.

Career prospects from Marketing Apprenticeships

One of the benefits of an Apprenticeship in marketing is that there are so many types of jobs on offer that you can go into; both through offline marketing and online marketing. You’ll gain a vast amount of skills from trying your hand at the different branches of marketing that will open up so many doors for you!
So why not take a look through our current vacancies and start your career in marketing with us today!
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