Business Improvement Apprenticeships

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Whether its improving quality, reducing costs or strengthening service delivery; a business which isn't continually looking to improve is a business running the risk of stagnation. Our Business Improvement Apprenticeships are designed for people wanting to get into the Business industry and who are committed to finding ways to improve a business' performance.

Nationally Recognised Business Improvement Qualifications

Qualification: Level 2 Diploma in Business Improvement Techniques

Duration: 12-15 months

Course Content: Students will develop key skills and understanding in business improvement that enables them to contribute to cost, quality and delivery improvements in the workplace. They will also choose a specialism - process improvement or quality improvement with each pathway offering a range of topics to study based on their aspirations.

Business Improvement Apprenticeships

There are plenty of opportunities for individuals qualified in Business Improvement Techniques, we have many live Business Apprenticeships available across Merseyside with some top employers; see all our vacancies here.