Training in Starting a Business

Who is the training for?
This course is suitable for anyone considering starting a business or becoming self employed. No prior experience in this area is required.
What does the course cover?
The course is designed to give you the knowledge, understanding and skills you need to decide whether running a business is right for you and how to start the process. You will develop a range of skills, personal qualities and attitudes that are essential to be successful in business.
What does the course involve?
The course involves 1 day of training per week for 5 weeks. Assessment is done through a business plan that you will build up during your course. We will help you to produce this. How will it benefit me? This course will help you to make the decision whether starting a business is right for you and will help you kickstart the process of becoming self employed.
How do I apply?
To apply for this course or obtain more information about times, dates and availability, please contact Starting Point on 01744 698800.