Produce a CV

Do you constantly find your CV is being ignored? Do you want to make your CV stand out form the crowd?

Learn how to produce an effective CV and upload it to your Universal Job Match account on our short CV session.

Having a good CV is vital while you are seeking work which is why our expert advisers will give you guidance and advice in what you should and shouldn’t have in your CV.

Topics covered

The purpose of a CV
What information should / shouldn’t be included in a CV
Identifying 2 referees for your CV
How to complete a CV in an suitable layout
Useful information to have prior to an interview
What interviewers are expecting in regards to; punctuality, dress sense, behaviour and language
The importance of researching the interviewing organisation
Questions to ask the interviewer

Course location and duration:

Location: Our Produce a CV course is held at St Helens Chamber.

Duration: This course is split over two half days. Usually Thursday and Friday from 9:30am-12pm (See each individual course date for specific times and details).

Interested? What to do next:

To find out the start date for the next Produce a CV course, see our list of upcoming free short courses by clicking here.

We also offer Interview skills sessions to help you perfect your technique so you can go to interviews with confidence.

Please arrange to speak to one of our guidance advisers for more information about this course and to discuss your personal career plan.
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