Maths & English Functional Skills

If your Maths and English skills need a boost, our free course is perfect to build your skills up.

Whether you’re applying for jobs or just wanting to refresh your knowledge; our free Maths and English course will give you all the basic skills you need.

This free course can also help if you’re looking for a career change but don’t have the relevant qualifications to apply for a new role. This course will make sure you’re at the required level to get your application in front of employers and that you have the confidence to use your skills in the workplace.

During the course, you’ll cover core areas such as speaking and listening, reading and writing, basic numeracy skills, handling data and much more. All the modules covered are designed for beginners to build up your confidence and skill in the basics of Maths and English.

Whatever the reason you’re wanting to increase your skills, this free short course can quickly help you build confidence and make sure you have all the skills and knowledge you need to progress.

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