Managing Personal Finances

During this two day course you will learn how to manage your income and expenditure and how to manage your spending in a more effective way.
This course will cover:
• Income and Expenditure: Sources of income, payment methods and the difference between need and want
• Balancing Income and Expenditure: Understand household expenses and regular financial commitments, reasons for recording finances, problems resulting from greater expenditure than income
• Reducing Expenditure: Ways of reducing spending on food, prioritising needs with constraints of a limited budget.
• Bank and Building Society Services: Key features of banks and building societies, current accounts, savings accounts and investments and credit cards and store cards
• Borrowing Money: Advantages and disadvantages of borrowing, getting help when in debt, good debt e.g. student loans.
• Banking cards and internet fraud plus identify theft
On Successful completion of this course, you will gain the Ascents Level 1 Award in Personal Finance.
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