Level 1 Cybersecurity Course

This introductory course is for learners to learn about cybercrime and the risks and effects it has on individuals and organisations. They will understand routine protective methods used to maintain cybersecurity including the principles of vulnerability and penetration testing and user access control. This knowledge is in-demand by employers and will be of benefit to anybody looking for employment or currently working in a role that involves use of computers, as well as those who are setting up/running their own businesses and want to know how to keep themselves and their organisations safe online.


Gateway Level 1 Award in Cybersecurity

Course content:

By the end of the course, attendees will have learnt about the following;

  • Common forms of cybercrime and motives including phishing, identify theft, Ransomware and cyberextortion, theft of financial or card data, cyberespionage and hacking
  • How to protect yourself and your company from cyber-attacks
  • The impact that cyber-attacks can have and why it is important to have up-to-date knowledge
  • Legislation and code of conduct
  • How information on social media accounts can be used to commit fraud
  • How to identify and avoid common tools used to commit cyber attacks such as Malware.

 Progression and related jobs:

Upon completing of this qualification, learners may wish to progress onto the Level 2 Cybersecurity course, a Level 1 Essential Digital Skills or Level 2 Digital & IT Skills qualification to widen their IT knowledge. They may also wish to utilise their new skills and knowledge within their workplace or add value to their CV when searching for employment.

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