Essential Digital Skills (Entry Level 3)

The Essential Digital Skills course defines the digital skills adults need to safely benefit from, participate in and contribute to the digital world.

It supports the development of key digital skills such as using devices, creating and editing digital media, using technology to communicate, buying and transacting online, and how to stay safe and secure when using technology.

2 weeks

Pearson Entry Level 3 qualification in Essential Digital Skills

Course content:

  • Using Devices and Handling Information – including applications such as Chrome, Zoom and Adobe, cloud storage such as Google Drive, and use of Android and iPhones.
  • Creating & Editing – Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, as well as Google Documents
  • Communicating – covering email, instant messaging, video calls, social media and blogs, as well as how to stay safe during use
  • Transacting – how to securely shop online, access online banking, pay utilities and Government services as well as the NHS App
  • Being Safe & Responsible Online – protect your privacy, review your social media settings, avoid fraud and be able to identify suspicious activity, emails or websites.

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