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As well as digital skills, most employers will require staff to have a certain level of English and Maths. If you are thinking about returning to work and have not achieved a level 2 qualification in English or Maths we can help you to achieve these at Clickworks.

These courses help you to learn in a way that makes it real and relevant to everyone. Whilst you might not have enjoyed maths at school, our experienced tutors will support you to learn the English and Maths skills needed for your next steps in life, work and study

These courses will give you a nationally recognised qualification, designed to demonstrate to employers that you have a level of fundamental English or Maths skills that can be used in a wide variety of jobs.

Essential English

Our Essential English course will help you to develop your reading, writing and speaking skills, which will give you the confidence you need to progress in your personal and working life. Completing this course can help you with anything from reading emails at work, to reading your children’s bedtime stories. Some of your work will be done on a computer, to help brush up on your digital skills.

Essential English will cover skills such as:

  • Spelling
  • Using correct grammar
  • Paragraph building
  • Understanding punctuation

Essential Maths

This course can help you to develop the skills and confidence you need to get the job you want, progress into higher level study or even to help your children with their homework! If you’re in a muddle over calculating VAT or struggling to analyse your home budget, our tutors are skilled in teaching adult education and can work with you on what you need help with. You will work to develop your numeracy skills including how to calculate change, learn about metric units of measurement and many more skills that we all need.

You can work at your own pace and a speed you feel comfortable with.
This course is a practical preparation for work and everyday life.

Essential Maths will cover skills such as:

  • Adding and subtracting
  • Fractions and decimals
  • Division
  • Shape and space, angles, perimeter and area
  • Money calculations
  • Units of measure
  • Handling data


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