Effective Communication Skills

Good communication skills are vital in any role, and this course is designed to develop your knowledge on how to communicate effectively in the workplace.

1 day

In house certificate of achievement

Course content:

This course will cover the following;

  • Why communication is important, and how it impacts a team or business when negative
  • The communication cycle
  • Different communication methods in the workplace, the advantages and disadvantages of these
  • Barriers within communication and how to overcome them
  • The positive impact of effective communication.

Learners will gain the following skills and knowledge;

  • How to read people and situations correctly
  • Know what shouts the loudest about you
  • How to send emails that are clear, unambiguous and professional
  • How to communicate across generations
  • How to avoid letting your non-verbal’s run riot
  • Ensure verbal and non-verbal communication is in sync.

An in-house certificate of achievement will be provided upon completion.

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