Conflict Management within Leadership

In many roles, particularly leadership positions, conflict may arise and this course will teach you how to deal with difficult situations in the workplace . It will also show you what to look out for so you can avoid situations as much as possible.

This is perfect for those in leadership roles, or anyone looking at roles where they are in constant contact with people across the workplace.

1 day


In house certificate

Course content:

  • Poor communication
  • Autocratic leadership style
  • Not involving those affected by a decision in decision making
  • Not providing sufficient resources to match the demands
  • Having ‘office favourites’
  • Unfair distribution of tasks
  • Character clashes
  • Changing the goalposts
  • Lack of contact and time spent with staff
  • Not appreciating colleagues efforts
  • Poor planning
  • Taking the credit
  • Not listening and considering other peoples suggestions

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