Our Objectives and Values

The purpose of St Helens Chamber is to identify and help drive activities which contribute to social, economic and environmental development, making our place better.

The challenges facing our community are perhaps greater than they have ever been, within the changing international and national environment and a complex social and policy landscape.

Our role gives a voice to local business, as the creators of prosperity and opportunity, and supports our Members, local businesses and residents.

Our services inspire people to start and grow businesses, successfully start and progress their careers, and give back to their community to inspire others.

Our Values:

We believe that by delivering our strategic objectives and living our core values we will be able to contribute substantially to growth, investment, sustainability and opportunity.

St Helens Chamber’s core values are:

  • Giving A Voice
  • Leading Edge
  • Driven by Quality
  • Supportive

Our Strategic Objectives:


To provide excellent Membership services that all St Helens’ companies will benefit from, and to give a voice to the private sector enabling their contribution to policy and investment decisions.


To support the growth prospects of St Helens businesses and entrepreneurs, ensuring firms can obtain the support and resources they need to adapt and grow.


To inspire children and young people, equip them with the skills and attributes required by employers, and support them to start their careers.


To offer business-oriented skills, training and advice to adults, inspiring and supporting them to gain meaningful and sustainable employment.


To develop highly skilled, efficient and productive workforces by delivering a high quality, appropriate range of business-oriented courses and Apprenticeships.


To live our values of Leading Edge, Driven by Quality and Supportive, to ensure our organisational strength and sustainability.

To find out how we plan to deliver these objectives please read our Strategic Plan.

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