Year 5 pupils raise over £3000 for Willowbrook Hospice

08 May 2017

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Willowbrook Hospice and St Helens Chamber joined forces to run an Enterprise Challenge with local primary schools.

Year 5 pupils from 12 Primary Schools in the St Helens Area took part in the project, raising over £3000 for the charity.

The project was run through St Helens Chambers ‘Learning to Work’ programme designed to introduce children into the world of business, enterprise, finance and entrepreneurship.

Primary School Co-ordinator Natalie Armstrong explained: “The ‘Learning to Work’ projects are designed to prepare students more widely for their life beyond school.

“Allowing young people the opportunity to contribute to their community, whilst providing them with the experience of taking on leadership roles.

“This programme develops the pupil’s organisation, teamwork, communication, creativity and problem solving skills.”

During a half day interactive workshop students learn what tools are needed to run a successful business.

Using this new found knowledge the students are then tasked with producing a business plan focusing on the budget, leadership, marketing and sales.

Miss Green from Oakdene Primary School commented: “I have been organising the fundraising event with Year 5 this term. They have been in charge of the whole process, from suggesting and voting on the event, through to writing letters to the Head teacher requesting permission to host the event.

“It has been a great process for the children to take part in and really developed their understanding of business and finance”

Following the workshops the pupils have worked together to come up with their fundraising idea, focusing on the fundraising goals, budget planning, marketing and sales of the event.

The pupils then pitched their idea to Willowbrook Hospice and bid for up to £250 start-up funding. With the aim being for the schools to double the amount granted to them.

Dianne Humphreys, Senior Fundraiser at Willowbrook Hospice said: “I visited all of the schools to listen to their ideas and it was heart-warming to see their commitment to the project.

“The idea is a fantastic way to get children to learn about enterprise and local charities too”

St Helens Chamber offers a range of different packages for local primary schools from Careers Carousel’s to ‘Why Work’ sessions to find out more about our learning to work programmes contact Natalie Armstrong on 01744742131 or email

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