Want to start a career in construction? Here’s how…

12 Feb 2019



The Construction industry is fast-paced and exciting. For those of you who like practical, hands on tasks and aren’t afraid of hard work, it’s your dream industry to work in! If you’ve never worked in Construction before, you might not know where to start but we’ve put together some steps for you to consider when starting your Construction career.

Make a career plan

Sit down and do some research into the industry, take a look at all the different areas of specialism you could go into (construction, warehousing etc.) and think about what interests you the most and what you’d like to pursue. You don’t have to decide anything straight away but having an idea might help you when you go into the workplace, be open minded though – you might have a talent in something you’d never considered!

You don’t have to tackle this on your own, as the National Careers Service for St Helens our Career Coaches can work with you and give you advice along the way with one on one appointments. These can be delivered by face to face meetings or online over WhatsApp, Skype or phone; whatever you are most comfortable with.

Work on your industry skills

A good CV highlights all of your skills. Working on your industry skills not only gives you the confidence to hit the ground running in a job or Apprenticeship but it shows your future employer that you’re committed to your own development and to doing your best at work. If an employer can see you’re excited about the industry you’re much more likely to impress them at interview stage, so working on your skills is an important part of getting into any industry.

With specialised skills being required for manual roles, it will look great to employers if you’ve taken the time to master the basics during your job search. On the other hand, if you’ve worked in the industry for a few years but had a career break, a short course can refresh your skills and give you the confidence to get back into the workplace at the level you left!

Our free, two week Basic Construction course ensures you have all the tools you need to get into the industry; teaching you the basics of joinery, plastering, painting and decorating and health and safety. Each trainee on this short course will have the opportunity to get a funded CSCS card, which is required on most construction sites alongside funding for travel expenses while you’re on the course.

Aged 16-24? Our Traineeship in Manual Skills might be for you…

If you’ve not got experience but have plenty of determination and motivation to succeed, our Traineeship in Manual skills might be for you. If you’re aged 16-24 this programme can teach you all the skills you need to succeed in the manual industry from our St Helens Construction Training Centre.

Every Trainee will earn a nationally recognised Health and Safety qualification from the British Safety Council and will have the option to choose a module based on career aspirations, choose from:

  • Construction: Trainees choosing this course will develop practical skills in Joinery, Plastering, Painting and Decorating and will also have the chance to earn a CSCS card which is required to work on most Construction sites.
  • Warehousing: Develop a good base of knowledge of the Warehousing industry and gain the skills you need to succeed. Trainees will enhance their team work and communication skills while learning about professional customer care and principles of Warehousing and Storage.
  • Manufacturing: Trainees will make a timber product, carrying out the planning, design and whole process of manufacturing their products. Trainees will come away with practical Manufacturing experience on their CV alongside nationally recognised qualifications.

Traineeships are an excellent way to develop your skills in your dream industry, even when you have limited experience. This course will ensure you’re an attractive candidate to potential employers and have all the skills you need to enter the workplace with confidence.

Make sure you have a CSCS Card and recognised qualifications

CSCS is the leading skills certification scheme within the UK construction industry and a CSCS card shows employers that you have the right qualifications to be working on a site; it’s often a requirement on Construction sites, so having one when you’re going into the workplace is a great way to set yourself apart from other candidates and open up more opportunities to you.

Whether you’re on our Traineeship programme or our free course, we give you the opportunity to get your CSCS card fully funded by us; so all you need to do is pass the test! We also give trainees the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised Health and Safety qualification from the British Safety Council, which provides another string to your bow and an enhanced CV too.

Try out some practical tasks

The best way to figure out whether you want to pursue a career in Construction is to try out some practical tasks and see whether the industry is for you. We’re opening up our Construction centre on 12th March from 09:30-16:30 for anyone to try their hand at some practical construction tasks and speak to our training team; we have tiling, plastering and painting and decorating demonstrations so you can get a feel for whether Construction is something you enjoy and would like to pursue.

Ask for Advice

If you think Construction is perfect for you, but you’re not too sure where to start don’t worry about asking for help. We have expert Career Coaches ready to help talk you through the best option for you to start your career. They can help you create a career plan and tell you all about the training available to you, which you might not have known about before!

To book an appointment, call our Construction Training Centre on 01744 737286 or contact Starting Point on 01744 698000.