Voices Against Domestic Abuse Training – third sector organisations

09 Jul 2021

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Next Wednesday 14th July,  there is an exclusive online domestic abuse and relationship awareness training session for voluntary and community organisations in St Helens. It’s completely FREE to sign up, by emailing VADATraining@sthelens.gov.uk for a link to the Microsoft teams session. The training session coincides with the National Day of Remembrance for victims of honour based abuse, which marks the birthday of Shafilea Ahmed, who was born in Bradford and murdered in Warrington in 2003 by her parents in an honour-based killing.

To find out more about Honour Based Abuse and the national day of remembrance, visit: https://karmanirvana.org.uk/day-of-memory/

During the 2 hour training, delegates will:

  • Learn the signs of domestic abuse
  • Feel confident to start a conversation with someone you are concerned about
  • Learn how to respond when someone discloses they are a victim of domestic abuse
  • Free tools and resources

and those who participate will receive a certificate, identifying them as a #VoiceAgainstDomesticAbuse.

So if you work voluntarily in your spare time, or have contacts with anyone who works for the third sector please share the training details with them here> https://www.sthelens.gov.uk/media/333423/2100116-vada-training-poster-3rd-sector.pdf

For more information about the training visit: www.sthelens.gov.uk/voices