Variety is the spice of Carmel College careers fair

27 Jun 2017

Business Jobs/Apprenticeships

As part of a programme of Your Future Careers Fairs taking place across the country, Carmel College held a careers event for students on the cusp of entering the world of work and further education.

Organised by St Helens Chamber, the event saw over 250 students from the college engaging with local businesses and organisations.

Debbie Brown, Director of Career Development Services at St Helens Chamber, who is heading up the project, explains: “Helping young people to be fully informed about the career options available to them and the various routes they can take to prepare themselves for entering the world of work is a top priority for Chambers, as we strive to bridge the gap between education and business.”

Students had the chance to speak to representatives from a range of organisations about progression from college, and get first-hand information on possible career paths.

Victoria Moran, Work Experience Coordinator at Carmel College, said: “This has been really fascinating, there has been quite a few students here that have come to me for work experience, but they have not recognised what the businesses actually do. I think it’s been really good to let students know more about these local companies. The Careers Fair also benefits businesses in allowing them to showcase what they do, and build their community profile by talking to young people.

“For example, the HoneyRose Foundation are looking for help with marketing and IT development, and the Careers Fair has introduced them to the next generation of volunteers.”

Stands at the Careers Fair were a hub of activity, with students interacting with businesses people and having a go at some practical tasks.

Speaking to a few of the stall holders, there was a general consensus that the event was a success and had helped stimulate conversation with young people.

Kerry Whitehead from the HoneyRose Foundation said: “We’ve had a good response in terms of taking up volunteering options. We’ve spoken to a few people in detail about what we do and what we provide. So hopefully we will get a good response, because our application forms have all gone.

“We are after young enthusiastic people to help us out, even for work placements over the summer to get experience.”

Paul Johnstone from the British Army said: “The difficult thing for young people is deciding what they want to do, especially when there’s so much variety on offer. But once they’ve narrowed it down to a certain area they can find what interests them and they can have a successful career doing what they enjoy.”

Students were pleased with the variety of businesses in attendance from the Armed Forces to Veterinary Medicine. They also felt that the businesses were engaging, welcoming and willing to answer questions on careers paths.

One student said: “I’ve been interested in structural engineering for a while now, because I can’t see myself working in an office. So being able to speak to a business in that field was really insightful and helped me gain a better understanding of my career path. The jobs fair has been really good and there is a lot of variety.”

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