Top tips when choosing a career

12 Mar 2019


Choosing the right path and finding the perfect job isn’t easy, no matter what age you are or what experience you have had in the past. Everyone is likely to come to a crossroads at some stage of their career, so it is important that you carefully plan out your next move.

We’ve put together some top tips for when you come to decide which career path you want to take. Our Careers Advisers are always on hand to chat about your options and give some advice on how to get where you want to be.

Find out what you’re passionate about

This is one of the most important things when considering your next step.  Your goal should be to find a career that you love which also utilises your skills.  If you don’t have passion with what you’re doing, then you may not be able to sustain your career in the long run. Having passion for your work makes you more productive and helps you get more satisfaction from your work.

Assess your skills

You may have been in an interview and been asked to list your strongest skills.  Employers place a lot of importance on finding candidates with a skill set which is suited for a particular role, so finding a career to which your skills are suited will make applications a lot easier.

Having the right skill set will allow you to get the jobs you want and allow you to flourish within your role and within your industry; helping you to get noticed and take advantage of any career progression opportunities.

Get as much experience as you can

While research is important for finding out what a career path entails, hands on experience is one of the best ways to discover whether that career is right for you.

There are many opportunities for completing internships and work experience with companies which will help you see whether that particular career is the one you want to pursue. Apprenticeships are also a great way of making your way into many industries, with opportunities for you to learn on the job and train with other industry professionals; using the benefit of their experience to increase your own!

Career benefits

Looking at what a career can offer you as well as what you can offer to that role is just as important.

Assess realistically what your motivations are; are you wanting to make a difference? Make money or simply have a great work-life balance? Each industry and role will have different benefits and will suit different motivations; working in the not-for-profit sector may allow you to make a difference but you may not earn the top salaries, alternatively a commission based sales role may earn you large salaries but not give you a great work-life balance.

You must assess your chosen career path and see whether the culture and benefits match up with your motivations to ensure you get what you really want from your career. Our team can help advise you on your suitability for many different industries, simply give us a call and ask!

See if your career is attainable

We all have dreams, aspirations and career goals; many young people grow up aspiring to be a footballer/pop star, but only a few actually go on to achieve this! It is important to aim high, but also set realistic career goals to ensure that you can hit your own targets and get ahead in your career. Your career should challenge you but not to the point where you burn out, what might be right for you could be someone else’s nightmare, so don’t compare yourself to others and find a career path where  you feel you could really achieve your goals and make a difference.

Career Plan

A good career plan is important if you are struggling to find your direction. A career plan can help you put your skills and experience on paper and give you the opportunity to compare it to job descriptions in different industries, finding out where you fit in.

Having a career plan ready gives you a guide of what you need to achieve your goals, you could have the correct skill set to fulfil a certain career however if you don’t the correct qualifications or experience, you can use this to plan exactly what you need to reach your career goal.

We can help
Choosing a career can be difficult, but our expert Careers Advisers have years of experience helping people into work; so no matter how stuck you may be, they can help!

We offer appointments over WhatsApp, Skype, telephone or in person at St Helens Chamber; so there’s plenty of opportunities for you to get in touch with our expert team.

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