Top marks for Liverpool and Manchester as 96% of the first wave of employers have successfully met their workplace pensions duties

12 Aug 2016


Around 96% of Liverpool and Manchester businesses which have already seen their Automatic Enrolment duties come into effect, have complied with the law and are doing the right thing for their staff.

These include large and medium employers and the first wave of small employers who needed to comply with the law.

Over the next two years, over 15,000 more small and micro employers across both cities and 577 in St Helens, will need to act and The Pensions Regulator is calling on them to ensure they avoid the risk of a fine by starting plans in good time.

Executive Director of Automatic Enrolment Charles Counsell said: “Such high compliance in Liverpool and Manchester is excellent news and I look forward to seeing other small and micro employers across both areas get their plans in place in good time.

“Don’t risk a fine, look out for a letter from us, take time to read the essential guide we send out to all employers with this letter and come to The Pensions Regulator’s website for all the information and guidance you need.”

“We provide clear simple information on our website. There is a Duties Checker which is designed to help small and micro employers understand just what actions they need to take based on their circumstances and those of their staff.”

The news comes at the same time as a fresh burst of advertising across the North West.  Employers will see the return of Workie to their television screens this month.  The large colourful character reminds them not to ignore the workplace pension.

As well as TV advertising, employers across the North West may also have spotted Workie on posters dotted throughout the region and heard The Pension Regulator’s radio adverts on local radio.

The Pension’s Regulator also writes to all employers 12 months before their duties start.  Employers should act when they receive the letter alerting them to their duties and what they need to do and by when.

Workplace pensions law means all employers must put certain staff into a pension and make contributions towards it.

More information can be found here on TPR’s website