Chamber Member Pain Point Coach to hold ‘Time for You’ Retreat

28 Oct 2021


Have you heard about Chamber Member, Pain Point Coach’s ‘Time for you’ retreat?

One of the companies behind the ‘Being in Flow’* trend, Pain Point Coach has put together a very special day in the region at Leasowe Castle in the Wirral on Sunday 21 November 2021 from 8am to 5pm.

What you should expect to discover more of at ‘Time For You’:

  • Personal Healing
  • Learning how the body instructs the mind.
  • Increased Energy
  • Assertiveness without aggression
  • Fitness
  • Mindset
  • Decisiveness
  • Being in the moment
  • Calm in the storm

The Time For You Retreat has been designed to help you discover more purpose and more joy in your life.

“Going on a coaching retreat helps you to deal with issues at a higher level.” My Planet Liverpool magazine

During ‘Time For You’ everyone will:

  • Learn without judgement how to stay positive/manage stress
  • Improve their health and wellbeing
  • Gain Self-Confidence
  • Rediscover their life path.
  • Take Responsibility
  • Be proactive
  • Learn how not to procrastinate
  • Adopt new and unique techniques in their life

Here’s how to get involved and refresh your life…

Book here –

*“People are turning to FLOW to find joy in their lives. It’s how your creative forces merge with your physical ability to make lighter work of life!” John Bullock