The winner of the Trailblazing Tech 2021 Award is Inovus Medical!

26 Jul 2021


Chamber Member, Inovus Medical are proud to announce that they are the winners of the Trailblazing Tech 2021 Award. The Trailblazing Tech Conference took place at the Lowry Hotel, Manchester, on Friday 2nd July 2021. The day was filled with engaging live demonstrations from key leaders from all sectors.

By definition, trailblazing is the activity of introducing new ideas or method in an innovative or pioneering way. However, the global pandemic has changed everything. The way we shop has changed, with high street brands disappearing or becoming online only. The way we educate our children and the way we engage and recruit, and as a by product increased the need for those in-demand digital and technical skills. We’ve seen advances in healthcare, from smart ambulances to prescriptions delivered by drone and we’ve also seen that whilst the world slowed down for a few months, technology has enabled us to work towards a greener future with a new focus on infrastructure and how we build communities.

pro-manchester wanted to celebrate this by giving tech businesses the opportunity to do a live demonstration in front of an audience of over 250 business leaders.  The finalists then presented their tech products at the Trailblazing Tech 2021 event, whilst giving the audience the opportunity to vote and decide who their winner of the pro-manchester Trailblazing Tech Award for 2021 would be. The audience cast their and pro-manchester are excited to announce the winner of the Trailblazing Tech 2021 award is Inovus Medical.

Chamber Member, Inovus Medical is a multi award winning designer and manufacturer of surgical training technologies based in St Helens. The company was founded in 2012 with a clear purpose, to improve surgical care through connected training. At the heart of everything Inovus does are its core values of Affordable, Accessible and Functional technologies. A relentless drive to deliver on these values is positioning the company as a global leader in surgical training, ensuring equitable training and care for all.

Following its official launch in mid-2020 the LapAR™ high fidelity laparoscopic simulator brings an innovative approach to augmented reality by merging real and digital environments and projecting this directly to screen without the need for wearing headsets. The simulator delivers unparalleled real feel haptics by combining real laparoscopic instruments with highly realistic soft tissue models.

The LapAR™ simulators are accompanied by an online application that enables training surgeons to review and analyse their performance data. The application allows trainers to connect with their trainees from anywhere in the world, allocate tasks, review trainee performance and provide written feedback on recorded simulation events via a novel video review feature.