The road to recovery

29 Jun 2020


The Coronavirus crisis is continuing to cause disruptions for many businesses, and is fundamentally changing the way many firms do business, now and in the future. At St Helens Chamber we know it can be a challenge for business owners to keep up with daily updates, plus new rules and regulations, let alone work out a plan for your business.

We have identified four phases that all resilient business owners must face to recover from the Coronavirus crisis:

Respond – dealing with the situation and continuity
Restart – a phased reopening of the economy
Rebuild – building resilience for firms and households
Renew – returning to prosperity and growth

Many business owners have spent the last few months in ‘Respond mode’, only in recent weeks being able to turn their attention towards restarting, and trying to think about getting their business is ready to Rebuild and Renew.

Geoff Bates, Business Support Manager at St Helens Chamber explains: “It is imperative that local businesses not only Restart and Rebuild, but are also set up for success in the “new normal” future.

“Every decision made now, could impact a business’ ability to Renew. As the Growth Hub for St Helens, the Chamber is on hand to help businesses with every step of this journey, regardless of where they are up to on it.”

How can we help?

Business Financial Planning

As lockdown measures begin to ease, business owners need to start planning now for the impact on their finances and cash flow.

Whilst the Government has provided short term fixes for business, the real strain is likely to be felt once lockdown has been lifted and we all return to work. Your financial forecast could be the difference between success and failure, in what promises to be some of the most difficult trading conditions any of us have ever had to deal with.

St Helens Chamber can provide 12 hours of fully funded support for financial projects such as forecasting. You will cover the current situation of the business; identifying challenges and opportunities; preparing for the future; get support with a personal survival budget and business plan, and guidance on becoming ready to apply for additional funding.

For more details contact John Woods at 01744 742058, 07769 144274

Business Growth Programme

You are likely to hit many obstacles when trying to build your business during the current COVID-19 climate. However, developing your business effectively, dealing with issues efficiently and finding new opportunities are all crucial to your rebuilding your business and its future success.

At St Helens Chamber our experienced Business Advisers are here to support your business to grow, by helping you to improve your competitiveness and offering practical solutions to remove any barriers that may be preventing your expansion.

Following a free review of your business, we will work with you to put together an action plan to help you address any issues that may be holding you back. Our business support is impartial, confidential and tailored to meet your needs.

We can support your business with a range of issues, including, marketing, health and safety and procurement & tender readiness.

Business Growth Grant

Businesses are growing more responsive and creative in the face of COVID-19, identifying their customers’ changing needs and offering solutions. Many organisations are already exploring how they can set themselves up on the right path for growth as they come out the other side. The future is certain to be very different – which is why we must start reframing the future today.

If you are an SME based in St Helens or Halton, and have plans to grow and thrive  thrive in a post-crisis world, but need external specialist advice to make it happen, St Helens Chamber can provide grants of up to 35% of your investment. Funded by the European Regional Development Fund, our Business Growth Grant can support a wide range of projects such as:

  • Attainment of ISO or industry specific accreditation
  • Tender preparation to open up new contract opportunities
  • Devising and implementing a marketing strategy including researching new markets, website development, developing a bespoke CRM system and branding
  • Legal advice such as Intellectual Property protection
  • Process improvement consultancy including development of integrated IT support solutions bespoke to your business This list is not exhaustive, so you have a project in mind and want to find out if you will qualify, contact Business Support on 01744 742058 or

For more information on how we can help email or call 01744 742444.