The gift that keeps on giving

26 Jul 2019


With his 80th birthday soon approaching, Trevor Hall of Trevor Hall Associates, has decided to step down from the number-crunching limelight, and gift his cherished business to his valued staff.

Based in Garswood, Chamber Member, Trevor Hall Associates has a very well-established reputation in the region thanks to Trevor himself, who has been established for over thirty years and is still supporting clients and companies who joined Trevor Hall Associates during the first year of business.

Before the rise of his accountancy firm, Trevor travelled the world for many years working in middle and senior management. Trevor has had great opportunities working in many countries such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and his personal favourite, Borneo.

In 1983, Trevor was offered a role in Alaska on a 3 year contract, but due to family commitments he decided not to take up the contract and endeavoured to set up his own Accountancy Firm.

Trevor explained: “I established an office in the summer house in my rear garden. I bought myself a desk, an electronic typewriter, some ledgers and a calculator and spent at least two days endeavouring to control my enthusiasm.

“For many years I worked seven days per week, 14-16 hours a day, sometimes longer. My aim was to build up a client base, the fees from which enabling me to pay myself a modest salary and hopefully enable me to move into more adequate business accommodation.”

In 1985, Trevor moved from the summer house in his garden, to more suitable business premises. During this time, Trevor developed his knowledge and began to study law and grew his accountancy expertise.

As Trevor Hall Associates progressed, he was able to employ six permanent staff, five of whom have been with the company since leaving education. Over the years the company has actively and financially assisted a number of Apprentices to further their careers, two of whom are now fully qualified Chartered Accountants.

Trevor said: “I have established a long-lasting relationship with St Helens Chamber, who have been an essential part of my business and I have been recognised by the St Helens Chamber for the development of my staff.”

St Helens Chamber delivers a range of Apprenticeships in St Helens, Liverpool and across Merseyside. Apprentices earn while they learn, gaining practical skills from the workplace that they can take forward into their future career and industry recognised qualifications to set them apart from the crowd.

Trevor said: “St Helens Chamber has been brilliant. Everyone was always on hand if I needed any information. Quite recently, it was necessary for me to get legal information and the Chamber helped me get legal advice and I am so happy with how the situation was handled.”

Trevor is now taking a well-deserved rest and has decided to step down and gift his cherished business to his valued staff, his desire being that they find the ensuing years gratifying and successful.

“My experience over the years has taught me many lessons, one of which being that the success of a business is also reliant upon its staff, this fact prompting me to thank my staff very sincerely for their loyalty and professionalism, without whom I could not have accomplished my aspiration.”

If you are interested in taking on a Apprentice, call the Workforce Development team 01744 742333 or email