Supporting Fuller Working Lives

05 Oct 2018


In 2016 there were 9.8 million people aged 50 plus in employment in the UK, an increase of 4.1 million in the last 20 years.

People in the UK are living longer and the proportion of older workers in the workforce is increasing.

As the population and the workforce continue to age, businesses will need to increasingly draw on the skills of older workers in order to retain their valuable skills and transfer their knowledge to younger staff entering the work place.

But it is also important to ensure that older workers continue to develop their skills and receive opportunities to upskill in line with changes in how businesses operate.

Lisa Grimes, Guidance Services Manager at St Heles Chamber, explains: “Investing in developing the skills of older working is essential for employers who want to support workers to stay in the labour market and recruit them to maintain labour supply and gain the benefits of a multi-generational workforce”.

The Fuller Working Lives Mid-Life Review is a government funded initiative offered in partnership with the National Careers Service. Available locally through the Chamber’s Starting Point service, the Review offers a careers and skills advice service to help improve the retention, retraining and recruitment of older workers.

Lisa Grimes adds: “As part of the Mid-Life Review individuals will be encouraged to rethink, refresh and reinvent their options so they can get the best out of their working lives. For their employers this can lead to increased loyalty and retention, improved productivity, improved training and education and reduced recruitment costs.

“They are often the most conscientious, punctual and reliable with valuable business and life experiences to offer the organisation, but if they don’t feel valued or supported then you could lose them.”

As the National Careers Service for St Helens, the Chamber offers support for employers with upskilling the older workforce, providing training for employees at the mid-life career point and with uptake of Apprenticeships.

To find out more email or call Starting Point on 01744 698800.