Students can bring fresh ideas and a range of knowledge into your business

30 Jan 2020


Are you interested in bringing some bright new talent into your business? Edge Hill University offers businesses the chance to work with highly skilled and talented students.

As an employer, there are many ways in which you can provide opportunities to inspire the next generation of employees whilst benefiting from not only up-to-date skills specific to your industry or functions, but fresh ideas, self-motivation and a high level of confidence.

Through opening your doors to students you can offer invaluable experiences for them to grow, learn and develop as employees of the future for your industry.  As an ambitious organisation you too can benefit through work placements to provide real life experience and provide you with the skills and additional support to complete a project or specific task.

Some work placements are undertaken during the holidays, and so last between one and three months. Other placements involve working one day a week over a longer period of time during term-time (September-June). Typically, a ‘short term’ placement can vary between 25 and 200 hours depending on the particular degree. The placements can either be spread out over several weeks or months (e.g. one day per week for 8 weeks) or condensed into shorter ‘blocks’ of regular attendance over a shorter period of time.

A wage during a work placement will depend on the type of placement undertaken and the length of time involved.

For short-term placements that form part of a student’s degree there is no actual requirement for employers to pay students.

As a guide we encourage employers, where possible, to make some financial contribution even if it is a contribution towards travel or food costs. For a block placement that exceeds 140 hours (or 20 x 7 hour days) we ask employers to pay a wage. Typically, this would be National Minimum Wage for the age group.

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