St Helens Plant Continues Expansion as Primary UK Ringlock Supplier, Produced by MJ Gerüst

19 Apr 2022


St Helens Plant have recently established a new partnership with fully automated scaffolding manufacturers MJ Gerüst, based in Germany.

The new partnership will provide huge advantages for Ringlock users in the UK, due to St Helens Plant being the primary supplier of MJ Gerüst’s Ringlock system, supplied by St Helens Plant as COMBI / COMBI METRIC.

This type of Ringlock system has the ability to be easily combined with other Ringlock systems.

Fully Robotic Manufacturing Process

This new and very exciting partnership combines the very latest in robotics manufacturing technology with complete-care.

St Helens Plant can add to a complete care package, by offering a repair and reconditioning service, alongside UK supply chain ability. This meaning we not only sell the equipment we also have the ability to repair and recondition damaged equipment.

MJ Gerüst produce system scaffolding components within their state-of-the-art automated manufacturing plant, spanned over a 200,000 square meter area. Producing expertly engineered, high precision scaffolding products, supported by a workforce of over 400 employees.

MJ Gerüst Scaffolding Systems ‘Made in Plettenberg’ – Sauerland, Germany

Traditional Ringlock V’s COMBI / COMBI METIC Ringlock

For many years St Helens Plant have identified a common issue in the traditional system manufacturers such as; Kwikstage, Cuplock.

Our new partnership addresses that issue, meaning that any type of ‘Ringlock’ currently in use or invested in –  can be used in conjunction with St Helens Plant’s Ringlock (COMBI / COMBI METRIC).

This gives the customer the advantage to purchase new products that are fully supported by a complete care, repair and maintenance package.

Soon to be Available at St Helens Plant

MJ Gerüst Automated Manufacturing Plant

St Helens Plant will soon have a plentiful stock of fully automated manufactured Ringlock on site and in stock. Below shows a short preview of one of MJ Gerüst automated manufacturing plants, and their state-of-the-art technology used to produce scaffolding components.

In addition, MJ Gerüst partner company the JUNIOR-Group, who produces exclusively in Plettenberg in the Sauerland region. Has seen significant growth over recent years, and recently purchased much larger premises based in their home location of Plettenberg. The new JUNIOR-Group premises features over 90,000 square metres of production and storage space, which previously employed over 3,000 people.


Ringlock Supplied, Repaired, Reconditioned & Replaced

As mentioned, St Helens Plant are in a prime position to supply, repair and recondition Ringlock of any brand for any customer. Through our new COMBI / COMBI METRIC Ringlock system customers can take advantage of competitively priced components and full systems.

St Helens Plant’s new partnership with MJ Gerüst provides a complete-care, repair, replacement and supply service – for fully compatible Ringlock Systems.

St Helens Plant also have the ability to ensure that you have complete utilization of your stock, enabling us to convert any unusable stock back to useable product, put your assets back in use. To also ensure you get full product utilization we can assist in cutting down the product to the next usable size, again to provide full utilisation of your stock.


Ringlock Recently Repaired by St Helens Plant

Now Available in the UK

St Helens Plant are pleased to announce our new partnership is fully underway, and look forward to sharing more updates on the state-of-the-art, high-performance machinery and manufacturing processes, as provided by MJ Gerüst.