27 Mar 2023


Vertical Lift Services North West recently performed essential lift maintenance at Chester Zoo.

Since providing their services, the St Helens company has performed regular maintenance to ensure the zoo remains as accessible as possible.

This maintenance involves checking the motor room, the lift car, the pit area, and the lift shaft for any issues that may need to be resolved.

Lifts play a vital role in creating an accessible environment for any location, but they cannot simply be left alone once installed. To maintain safety standards and to ensure the lifts still function correctly, regular maintenance needs to be carried out by qualified engineers.

Alongside the passenger lift used by visitors, VLS-NW also performed maintenance on the goods lift used by staff. Naturally, this helps employees to perform their day-to-day duties efficiently and without interruption.

As the lifts play an important role in providing a positive experience for both staff and visitors, the VLS-NW team are committed to ensuring they consistently function effectively and safely.

The VLS-NW team is proud to assist locations such as Chester Zoo in making their attractions more accessible.

Andy Verey, MD of VLS-NW, spoke of the partnership: “Our long-standing relationship with Chester Zoo has been a pleasure, and we are delighted to continue supporting their wonderful team after so many years. Providing lift services for such a beloved North West attraction is a real joy.”

For more information, visit their website.