St Helens Firm takes on Carbon Reduction Challenge

25 Nov 2021


A St Helens firm has started its journey to Net Zero Carbon emissions with help from St Helens Chamber Business Growth Programme

TD Construction Testing Ltd is an ISO 17025:2017 accredited material testing laboratory. It conducts a range of testing for the civil engineering and construction industries, both in the laboratory, and on site across the UK.

Peter Gabbott, Company Secretary, said: “We have always been environmentally conscious as a company, and the Net Zero initiative focussed our attention, and prompted us to start the process of exploring how to reduce our emissions.”

St Helens Chamber Business Growth Programme provides fully funded consultancy in a range of fields including Environmental consultancy. It provided the perfect solution to TD’s problem of where to start.

Peter explained: “We lacked the expertise to carry out the project in house, so being able to get help through the Chamber, and have access to an expert in the environmental field was a major help.”

The consultant conducted a full review of the firms’ operation, and specifically its carbon emissions.

“He provided us with a full report of where we are at in terms of our current carbon emissions” explained Peter, “From there he looked at where we could reduce our emissions, and provided advice on how we should go about doing it”

As the saying goes, ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’ and the support provided TD with all the necessary resources to measure its own emissions in the future.

Peter said: “The plan going forward is to carry out monitoring at regular intervals and to use the information to ensure that we remain on course to achieve our Net Zero target.”

The first stage of the plan is in place, and TD Construction are currently consulting with St Helens Borough Council to access its Climate Change Grant. This will assist with the funding of Solar Panels for the building, and will be a major contributor to reducing carbon emissions.

The whole workforce at TD is involved in the project, none more so than firms apprentice Courtney Hodgkinson. Courtney recently won the award for Apprentice of the Year at the St Helens Borough Business Awards, and she has been given a key role in the project.

Peter said: “Courtney has a real interest in environmental issues and as part of her training we are looking for her to lead on this and produce the strategy document. Not many apprentices get the opportunity to do a report at such a high level, but we’re fully confident in her ability to deliver.”

The Business Growth Programme is a great way for St Helens businesses to get expert, targeted support at no cost to the business.

“The consultant was great, came out quickly and kept in contact throughout. He explained the process clearly in layman’s terms, and really helped us get a grip of the project” says Peter, “ The Chamber organised everything quickly, and the whole process was seamless, makes us wonder why we didn’t do it sooner really.”

The Business Growth Programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. It provides 12 hours of fully funded support in a range of consultancy disciplines and is available to St Helens SMEs operating in a business to business environment.

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