St Helens Chamber partner with Swift Temps and Browns Short Breaks Respite to provide training & guaranteed interviews

14 May 2021

Business Jobs/Apprenticeships

St Helens Chamber have partnered with respected local businesses Swift Temps and Browns Short Breaks Respite to provide free training leading to a guaranteed interview and a relevant qualification.

Open to those aged 19+ living in the Liverpool City Region, these routeway programmes are designed to quickly equip local jobseekers with the skills and experience they need to be successful in one of the many open roles.

Warehousing and Care are both growing industries with lots of opportunities for hardworking people, and the programme will lead to a guaranteed interview for one of the open roles in both businesses.

Ruby O’Brien, Senior Career Coach at St Helens Chamber explained: “Both of these routeways are an excellent way for people to add the skills they need to succeed onto their CV, giving them the best possible chances of success in their interview.

“As a Chamber we are really invested in improving the skills of local people and giving them the tools they need to get into work, and are pleased that local companies like Swift Temps and Browns are getting involved.”

The Warehousing routeway begins on 5th July, and trainees will complete 3 weeks of training learning all the skills they need to start a warehousing role. Alongside this, they will gain a level 2 warehousing qualification and have a guaranteed interview with Swift Temps, who have many active roles in Warehousing and Manufacturing that they are looking to fill locally.

Ruby continued: “Not only will trainees get the warehousing training, they will also benefit from CV sessions and interview preparation. This ensures that they are ready to step into the workplace when they’ve completed the Warehousing routeway and that Swift Temps benefit from much stronger candidates.”

For those interested in care work, the Health and Social Care routeway begins on 6th July. Trainees will gain relevant skills and a Level 1 Health and Social Care qualification. With plenty of roles available, Browns Short Breaks Respite are keen to hear from interested candidates.

Ruby explained: “There are lots of roles in health and social care, and the routeway programme will help jobseekers to ensure they have all the knowledge and skills they need to get started.

“We’re looking forward to working with candidates closely and ensuring that Browns get the best possible matches for their live roles.”

If you’d like to find out more about creating a training routeway for your business, contact Starting Point on 01744 698800