St Helens Chamber launch Wellbeing to Work programme to support local people with mental health issues into work

23 Sep 2021


St Helens Chamber has received new funding from Liverpool City Region’s Test and Learn scheme and is introducing a new Wellbeing to Work programme, starting 12th October. This programme has been specially designed to help people with mild to moderate mental health issues to build their confidence and skills to get back into the workplace.

The training runs over seven weeks and is bespoke to the individual. Attendees can come to between one and three sessions per week depending on their needs and will benefit from a range of support throughout their time on the course.

Laura Brogden, Head of Career Development at St Helens Chamber, explained: “We understand that particularly in recent times many people have suffered with mental health issues. The pandemic has been difficult for lots of people across all walks of life, and for those with mental health issues it may be difficult to start returning to normality.

“This is why we are introducing this programme completely free, to help people build their confidence and find ways of managing their anxiety and mental health issues with the help of trained mental health professionals and our expert Career Coaches.”

The Wellbeing to Work programme includes a range of different sessions, all aimed at helping people with mental health issues learn to cope and then, when they are ready, get back into the workplace.

Wellbeing to Work includes:

  • Sessions on healthy eating and preparing meals on the go
  • Yoga sessions
  • Wellness walks
  • Guest speakers covering a range of topics including Stress management techniques
  • Sessions with Jo from the Happiness Club
  • 3 x free counselling sessions
  • Involvement in a community event
  • Fortnightly one to one support with a trained mental health professional

The Wellbeing to Work programme is open to anyone, employed or unemployed, living in the Liverpool City Region and aged 19+.

Laura continued: “We would invite anyone who is struggling with their mental health and wanting to get into work to chat to our team about enrolling on this programme. We will do everything in our power to help you overcome any barriers you are facing, and you will be supported by trained mental health professionals during your time with us.

“The 3 counselling sessions are also free to anyone who needs them and can go a long way towards helping you understand any issues you are facing and how to move past them. Once you are ready, we will help match you with local employers who are looking for staff and get you back into the workplace.”

With only 20 places available on the Wellness to Work programme, St Helens Chamber is encouraging anyone interested to apply early to secure their place.

St Helens Chamber is also calling on employers who would like to support local people to get back into work, by attending an event to meet the trainees on the programme and considering them for local roles.

To find out more about enrolling on this course, or supporting people as an employer, call Starting Point on 01744 698800 or email