St Helens Chamber Education Programme inspires pupils to aim high

05 Dec 2022

Business Jobs/Apprenticeships

St Helens Chamber’s Education Programme has inspired children in St Helens to aim high when it comes to careers – providing them with five sessions where they can learn about themselves & explore opportunities in the local area.

The sessions teach children that there are jobs in St Helens they can aspire to and that they don’t need to leave the area to have the career they want.

The programme has been a great success, and has attracted fantastic feedback from local schoolchildren that demonstrates the impact the programme has already had.



Feedback from local pupils:

“I learnt that I have so many amazing skills and qualities I wasn’t aware of before. I also learnt how many job possibilities there are for me.”

“I have discovered that you can be anything you want to be if you believe in yourself.”

“I have discovered that work is good for your mental health…”

“I have discovered that there are so many jobs out there. I have also discovered that I would actually really like to go to university.”

“I loved meeting real people and finding out about their jobs.”

“I met people who own companies, and they inspired me!”

“I have learnt that nothing is impossible.”


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