St Helens Care Home successful in recent CQC inspection

12 Feb 2019


Chamber Member HWCGS Care is  thrilled to have been successful in their recent Care Quality Commission inspection with achieving an overall outcome of ‘Good’ with ‘Outstanding’ in the requirement of ‘effective’.

Care facility Segal Gardens on Fleet Lane, Parr is a local success story with a nationwide wide reputation of excellence in the provision of residential care and its owners are thrilled to once again achieve success, which has been a continued trend since they first opened their doors in 2000.

Segal Gardens support adults from the age of 18+ with complex needs including autism, learning disability, mental illness and associated needs. The CQC inspection findings highlighted the commitment and pride they strive to deliver, reporting:

“The service had worked hard to ensure that people could live harmoniously amongst each other and be supported by staff they felt comfortable with. Through extremely detailed initial assessments the service ensured they were able to provide the right support before moving into the home. People already living in the home were provided with support to prepare them for new people arriving; this helped to provide a smooth transition for all involved.

“A holistic approach had been adopted in the assessing, planning and delivery of people’s care and support. Care plans were extremely detailed and identified intended outcomes for people. Staff provided excellent care and support that was met in a way people preferred and provided consistent and positive outcomes that exceeded expectations. Staff worked hard to provide a consistently better quality of life for people by supporting them to develop in areas such as communication, social interaction, education and independence. People spoke highly of the support provided and told us how they had achieved improvements in their own abilities, independence and confidence.

“People were supported to live enriched lives and do what they chose. Staff encouraged them to be as independent as possible whilst ensuring they remained safe. Risks that people faced were identified and assessed and measures were put in place to manage them and minimise the risk of harm occurring. Staff showed a good understanding of their roles and responsibilities for keeping people safe from harm.

“Medicines were managed safely and people received medication at the right time. Family members told us they felt extremely confident their relatives were safe.

“Staff showed a genuine motivation to deliver care in a person-centred way based on people’s preferences. The management team and staff had developed strong, familiar and positive relationships with people and family members. Throughout the inspection the management team and staff were observed to be warm and affectionate towards people and often displayed physical contact that was appropriate and accepting from people. Family members described staff as being extremely caring and that the service ‘went the extra mile’ for people to ensure they lived a good quality life.

“The leadership of the service promoted a positive culture that was person centred and inclusive. Family members and staff all described the management team as supportive and approachable. The management team showed a continued desire to improve on the service and worked closely with other agencies and healthcare professionals in order to do this. Effective systems were in place to check on the quality and safety of the service and improvements were made when required.”

For more information on Segal Gardens contact Gillian Gilmore on 01744 28828 or visit our website