St Helens Based Business Coach wins North West Award for Best Client Results

10 Feb 2020


On 24th January St Helens based Business growth coach, Ian Finney won the North West Best Client Results at a national awards ceremony.

The UK co-founder of ActionCOACH, Ian Christelow, describes Ian’s client results as ‘life-changing’.

The award was based on two testimonials, one from Darren Fulton, Managing Director of The Liverpool Recruitment Company and another from Jay Parlane, Managing Director of SD painting Contractors.

Darren Fulton commented “Our gross profit improved by over £5,000 per week in the twelve months to December 2019 as a direct result of working with Ian an I now spend more time working on my business than in it. I believe a coach is mandatory in every business.”

Jay Parlane stated “our revenue has tripled since working with Ian and our markets have widened. Personally, I have found more time to relax with my family”.

The award winning testimonials can be viewed on Ian’s LinkedIn profile at or on Ian’s website,

Ian admits he takes immense pleasure from seeing his clients achieve their business and personal goals.

“This award win is the icing on the cake for me. I’m absolutely elated, but it is all down to the hard work of the business owners that I work with on a regular basis.

In the corporate world, you can help save or make a large corporation a million pounds and it hardly registers with them but when you make a difference to a small business owner, it can make a huge impact. It’s thanks to them trusting me that I’ve won this award.”

Ian can be contacted on 07716 292378