#SHAREYOURNOTSPOTS with the Chamber network

11 May 2018

Business Featured

Have you ever found yourself on an important phone call only to move an inch to the left and lose signal? Sick of having to leave your phone right in that ‘signal spot’ on the desk so you can receive calls?

Access to mobile voice call service is a basic requirement for all businesses today. It plays a vital role in connecting with your customers and the local community. That is why the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) has launched a campaign calling for No More Not Spots!

In a survey conducted by the BCC in 2017, 70% of UK firms reported that they experience ‘not spots’, areas of no mobile coverage on any network or partial ‘not spots’, where there is some coverage but not from all networks, in their local area.

The aim of the #shareyournotspots campaign is to end not stops for voice coverage for UK phone users where they live, work or travel.

Through this campaign the BCC aims to engage with local Chamber business communities to identify the gaps in coverage, and work with industry and government to resolve your local signal issues.

If you experience a ‘not spot’, report it to the British Chambers of Commerce through their website and share on Twitter using the hashtag #shareyournotspots