Search Online Marketing Owner Jamie Rice Brings Out New Online Marketing Book to Help Business Owners.

26 Mar 2019


“After meeting with local business owners on digital marketing training courses that I run and attending networking events, I’ve found that a lot of organisations seem to be hit with a great deal of conflicting information and advice about their online marketing. For this reason, in late 2018 I decided to write a short, no-nonsense book with quick, actionable tips that business owners could implement themselves”.

The book 20 Ways To Win More Traffic and Convert More Customers is currently only available on Amazon Kindle and is priced at just £1.99. Readers can read and implement one tip at a time, action all twenty strategies or dip in and out of the book as they please. All the twenty tips are digital marketing techniques that have been tried and tested successfully by Jamie.

For anyone who is looking to learn more about digital marketing and increase the exposure of their business online, Jamie delivers a wide range of courses at St Helens Chamber throughout the year on subjects including; Search Engine Optimisation, Passionate Social Media Marketing, Creating a Content Marketing Strategy, Using LinkedIn to Win Business and Blogging to Get on Page 1 of Google.

Jamie has said, “I love helping local business owners grow their companies by delivering digital marketing training that gets results. I think it’s important for business owners to gain at least an understanding of the basics of online marketing, if only to avoid unscrupulous companies and consultants who charge astronomical fees and blind their clients with science. Attending one of my half or full day training courses can arm you, or your team with the knowledge to succeed online”.

The link to purchase 20 Ways To Win More Traffic and Increase Conversions is: