Returning to work after a career break – 12 Essential tips for mums – part two

16 Jul 2019


As promised, we are back with more essential tips on returning to work. If you missed last week’s article, you can view it here

7.     Refresh your skills

It is never too late to learn something new, or to refresh your skills and help is at hand.
Reignite Bootcamp is a tailored programme designed to help anyone who has taken a career break, back into work.  The Bootcamp offers skills and training covering anything from office based computer programmes like Microsoft Word and Excel to presentation skills and CV writing. Whether your career break has been for family or other reasons, the scheme provides tailored support and experience to help you back into work.

8.    Work experience can count

If there is a particular area, you want to explore or get into, look for opportunities to gain work experience or even volunteer your time to an employer. This experience may be valuable in deciding if a role or sector is for you. Reignite Bootcamp could potentially facilitate this experience as many local companies are affiliated to the course.

9.    Be prepared

Preparation is important. Irrespective of experience and qualifications, employers want to know you are interested in them, so do your research about the company. Look at the employers website and social media channels. You should also look at their competitors, read the latest industry news and research industry trends. Knowing you have all the information you need, will help you to be much more confident, especially during interviews.

Think about what your skills and personality can bring to their organisation.  Be prepared to answer questions on your career break and be honest about why you took your career break.   If you had a break to look after your children think of all the skills you acquired during this time and how they are transferrable to the role you are applying for.

10.   Know your value

It is important to know your value.  Ensure you do some research on salaries, so you know what a realistic offer is.  If you are offered a job role, make sure that you pitch yourself at the right salary or at least have a good starting rate with potential for progression.

11.    Don’t give up

Don’t become disheartened if you don’t stroll into your perfect job immediately.
This is a process, and job seeking is also a two-way street. You do not have to take the first job offered to you either.

If you are not successful for a role, asking for feedback from interviews is really important and will help you learn from the experience and improve your approach next time around.

12.   Be confident

When people talk about confidence, we often visualised people who are outgoing, expressive and being good communicators. However what we mean here is having confidence in your own ability. Going back to work after a career break can be nerve-racking, but if you are well-researched, know the job role you want and have followed some of the tips in this article you will be prepared and with preparation comes confidence.

Confidence, of course, is a personal thing, and if this is something you would like to focus on more, Reignite Bootcamp can help. Reignite Bootcamp also provides both mentoring and support to help you build both resilience and confidence.

For more information on how Reignite Bootcamp can help you get back into a job you love call Starting Point on 01744 698800 or email