Returners – Why you are in demand and what you should do about it

12 Aug 2019


Eminent American Writer, Frank Clark once wrote:

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”

Life, of course, is full of challenges, but most things worthwhile doing, always have a few hurdles to clear along the way.

It’s fair to say that those seeking employment after taking a career break do encounter obstacles.  Historically this has been particularly true of female returners, who have been battling for years with the rigidity of many companies, unable to adapt or provide the flexibility to accommodate a work-life balance.  This essentially denied companies of the services of a raft of talented, experienced females, simply because their circumstances, didn’t meet an inflexible 9 – 5 culture.

But here is the good news; companies are now changing their approach, and returner programmes like Reignite Bootcamp are providing both female and male returners with an incredible opportunity to open up a career path of choice.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that men and women list different barriers when returning to work.
In a recent survey, common barriers to employment following a career break for men was employers attitudes and age discrimination.   The main barrier highlighted by women returners was a lack of flexibility in job roles offered, with the main obstacle being a lack of suitable childcare to align with the job.

Of course, barriers to re-entering employment are not always as black and white as above.
As human beings indeed, one of the biggest obstacles we can actually face is ourselves.

Why you are in demand right now.

Many who have been on a prolonged career break, through caring for family or children look upon returning to work with a sense of trepidation.  Questions will inevitably rise.

What if I don’t have the skills or knowledge any more?
What if employers won’t provide the hours or flexibility I need?
What if I don’t know what to put on my CV because I’ve had a career break?

It is quite easy to talk ourselves out of something if the questions we ponder worry us.
If you are feeling this way, but know you still have a lot to give and want to reignite your career, you don’t have to do it on your own.

The simple fact, whether you know or not, is that you are in demand right now.

Did you know that the government have highlighted that the returner market could be worth £150 Billion pounds to the UK economy in the next six years?  Think about that for one minute.   Returners have both experience and talent and have additionally added to their life skills during a career break.  These skills that are transferable and modern employers know this.

Do you know just how valued your skill set is?  Perhaps it is time to stop worrying too much about the hurdles ahead and start focusing on what you really want to do and what you have to offer?  And here’s why. Reignite Bootcamp can help address any skill gaps or concerns you have before you even think of applying for a new job.

From CV writing to psychometric testing, to specific courses, like project management or digital marketing, Reignite Bootcamp is actually tailored specifically around your needs.  So not only will Reignite Bootcamp help answer any nagging concerns or questions you have, the programme is an opportunity to generate further skills, confidence and resilience.

Not only this, the programme gives you direct access to employers who are looking for people like you.  That’s employers that are flexible and really switched on to the benefits of employing returners.

As Henry Ford once commented:

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

With help, support and focus, barriers can be removed and goals attained.

Either way, the path to your future success could be just a phone call away, so why not make that next step and get in touch?

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