Reignite Bootcamp helps people return to work

13 Mar 2019


In January St Helens Chamber launched the Reignite Bootcamp, a new programme aimed at local people who want to return to work.

Supported by funding from the Government Equalities Office, the Chamber has launched this new programme to support people who have been out of work for a year or more due to caring responsibilities, and are now looking to return to the workforce.

Kath Boullen, Chief Executive of St Helens Chamber, explains: “At a time when businesses are repeatedly telling us they are struggling to recruit skilled workers, we recognised that there is a pool of untapped talent amongst people who have been out of work for a while, and may just need a little support to get back into work.

“‘Returners are often highly-skilled and have a wealth of experience and talent. Despite this, many people often struggle to get back into jobs at the right level, and are overqualified for the jobs offered to them. This is a big loss for those individuals, businesses and the economy.

“Reignite Bootcamp aims to sharpen and update their skills, and most importantly give people who may have been about of the workplace for many years the confidence to start applying for jobs.”

St Helens Chamber recognises that many rewarding careers do not follow a traditional career path and that those who have taken time out of employment due to life commitments, have the potential to bring skills and experience back to the workplace.

Reignite Bootcamp is designed specifically for individuals who are enthusiastic about returning to work, and have been out of the workforce for at least 12 months. Returners undertake three weeks of full-time training at St Helens Chamber covering job skills including; project management, presentation skills, marketing and business development, leadership styles, interview skills and many more – but most importantly learning how to  see a “break” as another chapter in a career journey.

The Chamber ran the first the Reignite Bootcamp in January. After the initial training, all Returners had the chance to apply for vacancies put forwards by local employers who supported the programme, including roles in business development and support work.

Kath Boullen adds: “At the end of the programme all the participants secured interviews, and several have already been successful and now gone on to full time employment which is a fantastic outcome.”

Sara Maskell signed up for the first Reignite Bootcamp after being out of work whilst bringing up her family.

Sara said: “I would definitely recommend Reignite Bootcamp. It has been very beneficial to myself and the rest of the group. I have been able to transfer across my existing skills, and add the skills I have gained at the Bootcamp.

“From this, myself and the rest of the group have all had interviews, second interviews and some of us, including myself are now in employment!”

To find out more about the next Reignite Bootcamp contact Starting Point on 01744 698800 visit or email