Reasons why your business needs a website

09 Nov 2017

Business Startup

There are very few business that don’t have a website, even if it just a simple information ‘landing page’ so that customers can find you.

As a Start Up Adviser, I am frequently asked:

Is it worth the investment of building a website?
How much will it cost?
Can I do it myself?
Are there website regulations?
Where do I start?

Here is my answer:

Yes, a website is an investment, and if you do it right it is worth it.

The cost will vary depending on your trading need but the potential it gives your business has no limits. You should look at your competitor’s websites and speak with at least five website designers before making your decision, which shouldn’t be solely based on price.

You could also do it yourself. There are many ‘free to start’ / low cost website providers such as Weebly, Moonfruit, WIX, 1&1 and many many more that have easy to use templates. Spend some time checking them out, reading reviews and the ‘small print’.

Yes, there are regulations. The key points are to make sure what you say on your website is true, have a contact page so that your customers can easily contact you if they have a problem and don’t use anyone else’s pictures as your own. If you are selling through the website, make sure you have clear pricing and accessible returns policy. Regulation changes so make sure you check for regular updates.

Start with doing your research, make sure your products will stand out from your competitors’and make sure your selling what people are looking for. Consider which type of website would appeal to them.

We can help

Attend the next Business IT Workshop on 24/11/17 and Marketing for Success Workshop on 27/11/17 where you will be able to explore Websites and Social Media. For further information and to book, call 0845 340 9980