real5 launches new young entrepreneur networking event

22 Sep 2020


Entrepreneurs in St Helens are being offered the chance to join together to support and encourage one another as an exciting new networking event launches.

Hosted by real5 Networking, the event will provide a space for like-minded individuals, especially young entrepreneurs, to make new contacts, share their experiences and support each other in their career journeys.

real5 Networking wants to help maximise profits of young entrepreneurs through opening new revenue streams, creating new business opportunities and giving the opportunity to work with like-minded forward-thinking individuals in a refreshing, relaxed, no-nonsense business group.

Members of real5 Networking sign up to the unique position of being happy and willing to share a small percentage of profits for successful referrals, this not only makes for an extremely pro-active group of members but it also enables business owners and entrepreneurs to open up new revenue streams that helps us to earn passively.

real5 networking, through its innovative benefits scheme, focuses on having the right people and their passion for every member to succeed ensures their monthly meetings are full of energy, referrals, deals and enjoyment.

If you would like to take part in the launch on 1st October, please contact Mark Beech at