Ransomware advice

22 Jan 2020


The North West Regional Organised Crime Unit has recently seen two North West businesses become victims of ransomware.
Like denial of service (D-DoS) attacks, they are classed as crimes in action – a bit like kidnap and extortion.
Reporting to law enforcement quickly means we can help you quickly. When it comes to ransomware, we have have access to some keys which can un-encrypt files and get you back up and running without the need to pay.
The North West Regional Organised Crime Unit have done this successfully for a number of victims in the past.
The correct way to report live cyber crimes is by phone, to Action Fraud who operate a 24/7 phone line.
Call them on 0300 123 2040. Tell their specialist advisors you are suffering from a live cyber attack and they will escalate your call.
Unfortunately the two businesses in the region who were affected recently made their reports to Action Fraud online which meant a delay in us recieving the information and being able to help.
Remember the best way to protect your assets from ransomware is to back up your data and devices regularly. For more information about ransomware visit the National Cyber Security Centre website by clicking here