Powering ahead at Flamco

04 May 2018


Investment in its St Helens headquarters is helping Flamco power ahead in the heating and cooling systems market.

The business, which was acquired four years ago by Dutch-based Aalberts Industries, specialises in producing components for heating and cooling systems.

Flamco’s UK sales team, production line and research and design experts are all based in St Helens, which has proved to be an excellent location for the business, says Koert Munnik, Managing Director of Flamco UK, Middle East and USA.

He said: “Investment in our production facility has enabled us to grow significantly in the past year. St Helens is a great location, it’s very central and the connection with the airports is very good.

“We have been doing a lot of recruiting in the last two years and there is a concentration of industry around us so we are able to recruit good quality employees here.

The company has three different focuses: commercial sales, supplying systems and products for larger buildings; residential sales, supplying systems for apartment buildings; and domestic sales.

“We have recruited a new Sales Director to give an impetus to the domestic market where there are a lot of opportunities for us,” said Koert Munnik.

Flamco also exports products across the globe with the Middle East, where its cooling systems are in high demand, becoming increasingly important, along with India where it has just completed a new distribution agreement.

Amongst the company’s latest developments is the launch of a new training centre in St Helens.

“This is a large investment for us. It is a big training centre where all of our products, heating systems and cooling systems are installed in real-life situations. We can show our customers and our employees exactly how products should be commissioned, installed, used and regulated.”

The centre was fully booked the first month after it opened and eventually training courses will be available to external clients.

Koert Munnik added: “We really invest in our people. All our employees are fully trained in many different aspects of our business and we value the importance of enabling apprentices and people who are new to the industry to familiarise themselves with the technology we use.

“We are also about to launch a new product at the beginning of June, which will be very exciting and we hope it will create a revolution in our industry.”

As a Strategic Partner of St Helens Chamber, Flamco has been able to work closely with the Chamber in a number of ways, including support with recruitment and a visit to the British Chambers of Commerce conference in London that also included a meeting with trade advisers from Saudi Arabia.

“It was a very useful visit, particularly to hear about Brexit. As part of a group with international interests, and as importers and exporters, it is important to understand the implications of what is happening.

“It was also very useful to meet representatives from Saudi Arabia to hear about some of the reforms that are happening and the changes they are making to their economy.

“I have been very impressed with the Chamber and hopefully through our Strategic Partnership we can work even more closely together.

“We have a fantastic site here in St Helens where we have the space to grow and some fantastic people giving their utmost to grow with the company, which is excellent for us.”

To find out more about Flamco visit their website at www.flamcogroup.com

If you are a senior business leader in St Helens and would welcome the opportunity to work more strategically with St Helens Chamber, please contact Tracy Mawson, Deputy Chief Executive, at tracy.mawson@sthelenschamber.com.