Post Brexit customers deal unveiled by UK Government

24 Aug 2017


The first of a series of papers on the UK’s future partnership with the EU has been unveiled by the Government. The document highlights the nature of the UK’s future trade partnership with the European Union and details two broad approaches for building a strong post-Brexit trade relationship.

The first is a ‘highly streamlined’ customs arrangement with the European Union, designed to keep customs requirements as seamless as possible. This would aim to continue some existing arrangements with the EU, reduce or remove barriers to trade through new arrangements, and adopt technology-based solutions to make it easier for businesses to comply with customs procedures.

The second approach is a new customs partnership with the EU by aligning our approach to the customs border in a way that removes the need for a UK-EU customs border. One potential approach would involve the UK mirroring the EU’s requirements for imports from the rest of the world where the final destination is the EU.

The paper also sets out new details on an interim period with the EU. The proposed model, which would mean close association with the EU Customs union for a time-limited period, would ensure that UK businesses only have to adjust once to a new customs relationship. This would minimise disruption and offering business a smooth and orderly transition.

David Davis Sectrary of State for Leaving the EU, said: “The approaches we are setting out today will benefit both the EU and UK and avoid a cliff-edge for businesses and individuals on both sides.

“The way we approach the movement of goods across our border will be a critical building block for our independent trade policy. An interim period would mean businesses only need to adjust once to the new regime and would allow for a smooth and orderly transition.

“The UK is the EU’s biggest trading partner so it is in the interest of both sides that we reach an agreement on our future relationship. The UK starts from a strong position and we are confident we can deliver a result that is good for business here in the UK and across the EU.”

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