NatWest brings leading business coaching firm to St Helens

27 Mar 2017

Business Featured

ActionCoach, a business coaching firm with over 1,000 offices worldwide, is holding a free event in St Helensthis coming Wednesday 29th March.

Delivered in partnership with Natwest, the event will focus on growing your business and achieving a rise in profits by ‘up to 61% in 365 days.’

ActionCoach presenters will speak on a variety of topics, centered on improving your business model including: taking working practices to the next level, considerably improving profit margins,doing more with less and setting down a strong culture and vision for the business.

Utilising these ‘proven systems and strategies’, ActionCoach guarantee results and deliver these proven business development systems to thousands of businesses a week.

Previous ActionCoach client Dave Benbow from Matrix SCT said: “The business training and guidance from ActionCoach during this past 12 months has probably been the best investment I have made in Matrix. In real terms we have all but doubled our turnover and increased profits in that time. The next 12 months looks even brighter!”

In addition to a systematic approach to doing business, the business coaching firm endeavour to help business owners achieve the lifestyle they had in mind when going into business for themselves.

ActionCoach currently have 170 fully trained and licensed business coaches in the UK serving SME business owners and their teams, helping them expand and improve using a simple and systemised approach.

The event will take place on Wed 29th March, Willbowbrook Hospice Fundraising Office, The Living Well Centre, Borough Rd, St Helens WA10 3RN, 08.30-10.30am.

For more information on the event and to book your place visit