New public sector procurement rules announced

12 May 2021


Following the Queen’s Speech it is now official that there will soon be changes to the Public Sector Procurement rules following Brexit.

Outlining the government’s legislative agenda, the Queen said the law would simplify procurement in the public sector.

The likelihood is that the new rules will come into place from September of this year onwards though that is not firm.

The plans will replace the seven current procurement procedures, with the following three:

1) The competitive flexible procedure;

2) The open procedure;

3) The negotiated procedure, renaming it the limited tendering procedure.

The government also aims to improve transparency and promote social value in contracts.

St Helens Chamber Business Growth Programme Procurement Consultant Malcolm Gallagher says:” It’s vital that businesses take note of this, if they are involved in tendering for contracts. They will have to improve their skills in several areas including negotiation skills, competitiveness and showing social value.

“Even if the suppliers are not going direct for a public sector contract, and are say in tier two or below it is likely they will be impacted as tier one will be charging with cascading downwards.”

St Helens Chamber Business Growth Programme can provide 12 hours fully funded, expert tendering and procurement support.

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