New measures introduced to allow more SMEs to win Government contracts

16 Apr 2018


Last week it was announced that the government is launching a package of tough new measures designed to level the playing field for smaller businesses bidding to win government contracts.

These changes include a crack-down on payment practices and Small Business Champion Ministers who will ensure that SMEs are given a fair opportunity.

The new measures will see suppliers who can’t demonstrate fair and effective payment practices with their subcontractors excluded from major government procurements. Subcontractors will also have greater access to buying authorities so they can report poor payment performance.

Suppliers will be required to advertise subcontracting opportunities via the Contracts Finder website, and provide the government with data showing how businesses in their supply chain, including small businesses, benefit from supplying to central government.

This new package of measures is designed to ensure more businesses, including the smaller firms, are able to supply goods and services to the public sector, whilst also making procurement much more transparent.

Oliver Dowden, Minister for Implementation, said: “This government is listening to the business community and is committed to levelling the playing field for smaller suppliers to win work in the public sector.

“We have set a challenging aspiration that 33% of procurement spend should be with small businesses by 2022 – and are doing more than ever to break down barriers for smaller firms.

“Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, and play a key role in helping us to build a strong, viable private sector that delivers value for taxpayers and jobs for millions all over the UK.”

For more information watch the video below or contact St Helens Chamber on 01744 742042