MyPeopleClub launch new HR, coaching and training platform

18 Feb 2020


HR and L&D are becoming more and more fast paced, with employers and clients alike wanting work turned around as quickly as possible.

Think about how much time you spend looking for the right documents/ templates you need, researching the web for the right information about a tricky employee matter, or for a presentation you need to give at work. It can be a huge source of frustration and it’s time-intensive.

Born out of their own frustrations in their careers, Krystyna Petersen and James Perryman have co-founded MyPeopleClub. They recognised that there was a gap for more collaboration and collective personal development within the HR, coaching and training industries. Their new venture, MyPeopleClub is an online membership resource platform bringing resources, templates, documents, coaching/ training modules plus so much more, all together in the one place.

They want to create the place for all HR professionals, coaches, trainers and small business owners, to come to for support and advice. There will be monthly masterclasses, mentoring schemes and live Q&As, updates from strategic partners (such as EML Law who will provide legislative updates each month) – their vision is to turn this into the largest support network of its time!

Krystyna and James are also big believers in giving back to the community and will be donating a part of each members monthly subscription to charity. The first year will support Child Bereavement UK, a charity close to them personally, and one that does fantastic work in the local community in and around St Helens. You’ll find more information about this on the MyPeopleClub website.

For St Helens Chamber Members, MyPeopleClub are providing a Member2Member discounts for the first 12 months of advertising, so from March 2020 it will cost only £299 + tax (discounted from £1000 + tax per year) and anyone enrolling and paying during February will only pay £249 + tax!

There’s still also a chance to be a part of their member discount scheme too – if you’d like to offer a discount of any type to their members you’ll be included on their discounts page with your own page set up on the platform and your associated discount listed.

MyPeopleClub will launch on March 2nd 2020, and in the meantime you can visit the website: to find out more!

You can also take a sneaky peak at the inside of the membership platform by watching the demo video, and you can drop your email to be added to the newsletter. You can also join in the conversation on the Facebook group which has already launched. What are you waiting for?! – Come join our new adventure!