Matt Carroll Coaching Limited gives business leaders the tools to succeed

25 Sep 2019


Matt Carroll

Matt Carroll of Matt Carroll Coaching Limited coaches leaders at all levels in a variety of industries, his specialised coaching has helped everyone from financial professionals to head teachers improve their leadership skills and in turn help improve the efficiency of their businesses.

Before branching out on his own, Matt held a role in banking as Head of Learning & Development. After 23 years in the industry, he took voluntary redundancy and decided that the opportunity to set up his own business was too good to miss.

Matt explained: “I didn’t want to go back into a corporate role and was tired of doing 50-70 hours a week; I really didn’t want to get back on that treadmill. I worked out that financially, I had a great opportunity to set up on my own and make it work before I’d have to go back into employment, so I took the chance and started my certification to become an Executive Coach.”

Once Matt decided to set up Matt Carroll Coaching Limited he began the process of getting the qualifications he needed to coach, and this is where he came across a gap in the market which his new company could fill.

“As part of my certification I had to do a case study, so I did some coaching with a Head Teacher. Since then I’ve been working closely with leadership teams in schools giving senior leaders the opportunity to learn coaching skills which complement their teaching skills.

“Schools run like a business and many of the issues I was helping them with were the same as any other business; like funding cuts, budget management, strategy and performance management etc. Because the coaching has worked really well for schools, I’m currently working with 24 Head Teachers and Deputy Head Teachers across the region.”

Matt came along to St Helens Chamber’s Start Up team for help with how he could put his company goals into practice; he also took full advantage of all the training and opportunities available to him.

Matt commented: “I took every opportunity I could when working with the Start Up team at the Chamber – I went to a range of seminars, which helped me with Marketing, Finance and generally setting up a business. Whilst I’ve worked in a bank for 23 years, I’ve never done anything like this before, it was great to meet people in the same position and speak to my Business Adviser to get advice.”

Not only did Matt make the most of all the support available to him, he also found that writing a business plan helped him focus on his goals.

Matt explained: “The Start Up team helped me focus on my offering by helping me write a business plan – you realise quickly you’re responsible for everything, so I found the team really helped me focus on practical steps towards reaching my business goals. They took my idea and gave me manageable steps towards achieving it, which is a great help when you’re starting out!

“I go back to it still, to remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing and what’s next. It was really powerful.”

With the help of his business plan Matt was able to clearly set out the three core areas that Matt Carroll Coaching Limited offer support in.

Matt explained: “My business is split into three core areas; I do one day courses which gives leaders & managers the core coaching skills they need to be a successful leader. I can also offer peer-to-peer coaching, which takes small groups of 3 or 4 people who can help coach each other and focus on issues faced within that business.

“Finally, I offer one-to-one coaching with business leaders which can focus on problems they are facing either personally or professionally – also if they’re new to leading I can coach them and develop their skills to become the best leader possible.”

Matt Carroll Coaching Limited continues to go from strength to strength, with plenty of businesses keen to benefit from his expertise. Matt is now also using his Chamber Membership to increase his business’ profile.

Matt commented: “My Chamber Membership has definitely helped me network with other businesses –I regularly attend the Business Breakfasts. The Chamber have been really supportive, they’re always there for advice if you want to chat through something.”

Matt was able to access funding through the New Enterprise Allowance to help him start his business, funded by the Department of Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund.

If you are unemployed and thinking of starting a business, speak to your JobCentre Plus adviser for more information about the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme.

If you’d like to know more about starting a business, get in touch with our Start Up team 0845 340 9980 or email